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What is Mediumship?

It is the art and practise in which one acts as the link and communicator between this world and the next. The sole purpose of a medium is to relay messages from the discarnate (departed loved ones) to the incarnate (those still living). So in essence the medium is just that, the middle person, the in-between and intermediary person.


Why seek a Medium?

When we lose a loved one, we are usually faced with certain challenges, some of which include feelings of grief, loss, guilt and so on. Seeing a medium can be a very healing and comforting experience. Being able to connect with a departed loved one can offer us an opportunity to experience great closure, re-assurance and deep healing.


How does Drift work?

Drift will begin a session by bringing her awareness to the spirit world. As the energy builds, she is able to connect with the spirit world. The spirit communicator will then draw close, in which Drift is then able to make a "Link". The spirit communicator will then begin to blend with Drifts energy, in which she is then able to perceive the required information. 


The information that a spirit communicator chooses to bring forth can vary, but some of the things that typically come through are: personality traits, physical appearance, how they passed, what they did for a living, family life, relevant dates, specific memories of their life etc.


Once sufficient evidence has been produced, the communicator will usually close the reading with a message. The nature of the message is always very comforting & loving and usually possesses great relevance, in terms of the sitters current situation and or experience. 









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