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The Power of One-on-One Mentoring: 


Your'e invited to join Drift Lee for

A 10 Week On-Line Private Mentorship Program

(for Spiritual Self-Mastery & Development of the Soul)


Each program is completely designed and tailored for each individual student. Their course

will be designed and created based on their mental, emotional and spiritual needs, where they are

within their own consciousness and where they would like to go next.

This course is ideal for anyone who is:

  • Already on a spiritual path and is wanting to further develop.

  • Beginning their spiritual journey & is needing some guidance, on how to develop and which path to take.

  • Wanting to "go pro" with their gifts.

  • Wishing to unlock and harness their abilities.

  • Yearning to discover their path and or purpose.

  • Curious to explore various facets of mysticism.

  • Wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the workings of the Universe. 

  • Feeling called to do the work, but is lacking the trust & confidence.

  • Seeking to pursue their spiritual path & passions full-time, whilst creating a consistent income. 

  • Wanting to successfully build their brand and business. 

  • Wanting to know how to read professionally, structuring readings etc

Your course includes:

  • An initial spiritual reading with Drift to assess the framework and foundation for the building of your course.

  • Weekly Zoom conferencing.

  • Audio & Video Content.

  • Weekly lessons and practical exercises.

  • On-going live support.

  • Final assessment and or recommendations.

Are you ready to ignite your passion, awaken your gifts and 

elevate your life?


"Your journey begins here."

Drift Lee

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