The Power of One-on-One Mentoring 

A private mentoring session with Drift, is ideal for anyone who is:

  • Wishing to build & develop their professional skills.

  • Beginning their spiritual journey & is needing some guidance, in how to develop and which path to take.

  • Wanting to "go pro" with their gifts.

  • Feeling called to do the work, but is lacking the trust & confidence.

  • Wanting to Pursue their Spiritual Path & Passions full-time, whilst creating a consistent income. 

  • Wanting to successfully build their brand and business. 

  • Feeling struck/stagnant and or overwhelmed in their Psychic and Mediumistic Development.

  • Wanting to know how to read professionally, structuring readings etc

  • Wanting to connect more deeply with their spirit and or life's purpose. 

Drift Can Assist With:

  • Becoming a more confident Reader.

  • Harnessing and Honing in on your own unique Psychic Strengths.

  • Spirit Communication, creating a stronger link with Spirit.

  • Developing your Intuitive & Psychic Abilities.

  • Developing greater "Flow" & Accuracy when reading.

  • The Struggles of Being an Empath. 

  • "Practical" client issues, such as ethics, dealing with challenges, knowing what to charge for readings etc 

  • Marketing & Building your Client Base.

  • Working with Tarot, spreads, interpreting, symbology etc 

  • Developing Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience & Claircognizance. 

Drift Lee