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Gifts of the Soul
(1 Day Workshop)

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2022 Workshop
Sunday 8th May

Join Medium Drift Lee, in this highly transformative & empowering psychic & mediumship master class.  


This 1 Day workshop offers you the practical tools, techniques and exercises to further develop and fine-tune your intuitive, psychic and mediumistic abilities. 


Embark on a life changing journey as you explore the sacred mysteries & traditions of the psychic arts, as you unlock, harness & further develop your souls gifts and spiritual power. 

This workshop is designed & ideal for anyone who already possesses some experience with psychic & spiritual development, aspiring and or practising readers, who wish to advance and develop both their personal growth and professional skills.



*The Psychic Path

*Keys to Development

*Chakras & The Auric Field

*Working with the Psychic Centres

*Clearing & Attuning to the Soul Frequency

*Psychometry/Channeling/Trance/Spirit Guides

*Discvovering your Spiritual Power & Souls Purpose

*Guided Mediations & Activations for Clearing & Attuning

*Working with Tarot & Oracle Cards

*Preparing the Space

*Tuning in (The Subconscious Doorway)

*Reading for others (Group Readings)

*Reading Demonstrations and Practices

*Becoming a Professional Psychic Medium


This workshop will be held in Olinda, up in the beautiful Dandenong ranges.

Tea, coffee and light refreshments provided.


For all enquiries & reservations, please email: 


















Gifts of the Soul

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Drift Lee

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