What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a gentle universal healing life force energy that is available to us all. It promotes relaxation, stress reduction and healing. The word Reiki is a japanese word, Rei, meaning God's wisdom and Ki, which means life force energy. So essentially it means "life force energy of the higher self."It is performed through palm healing, also known as hands-on-healing, which involves the gentle placement of hands on the recipients body.


The effetcs of receiving Reiki can vary, some of which include an enveloping feeling of warmth & love, a physical tingling or slight vibration of the body & also deeper states of consciousness and expansion.


Reiki was founded and developed by Japanese Buddhist Miako Usui, which was later passed on , and has since then been adapted by various practitioners and healers around the world.


This Highly Transformative 2 Day Workshop is for for anyone that feels drawn to, or compelled to learn Reiki.


Workshop Day 1
Level 1 (Soden "The Entrance")
*The Traditional Japanese Reiki System
*The Principles
*Understanding Energy Bodies & Working with the Chakras
*Reiki Hand Positions
*Meditation & Breath Work
*3 Powerful Reiki Attuenments 
*Giving & Receiving a full Reiki Treatment 

Workshop Day 2
Level 2 (Okuden "Inner Teachings)
*Learning the Sacred Reiki Symbols 
*Distant Healing Methods
*3 Powerful Reiki Attunements
*Practising Professionally
*Distant Healings
*Intuitive Scanning 
*Full Reiki Treatments

REIKI Benefits
*Redcuses Blood Pressure
*Creates Deep Relxation & Reduces Stress
*Supports the Immune System
*Aids Better Sleep
*Acceleartes the Bodies Self-Healing
*Increases Vitality & Promotes Overall Wellbeing
*Helps Relieve Pain 
*Naturally Detoxifies
*Clears Energetic Blockages
*Restores Balance & Wholeness
*Promotes Spiritual Growth 
*Increases Intuitive Abilities






  Drift is a Reiki Master and stands as the 11th direct recipient within the Reiki Master lineage, dating back to its original Founder Dr.Mikao Usui.

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