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"I saw Drift for a reading and came with a very open mind. I left absolutely astonished, by how accurate her reading was, in regards to my family, friends and love life. I have seen previous clairvoyants, but I would have to say, Drift has by far been the most accurate!."

        Allyssa - Melbourne 

"I was fortunate enough to have a reading with Drift Lee. She is truly gifted and undoubtedly connected. The clarity of my reading was incredible. Drift spoke on many topics and I feel inclined to mention that this was without my verbal input. I am a quite a private person, therefore I was taken aback when Drift actually touched on some points that I had not told anyone.  Drift also mentioned a couple of names in my reading. I felt tremendous comfort in her presence and style of reading. I believe that she may have insight beyond what she reveals, however she will certainly tell you all that you are capable of hearing. This in itself is a gift. I highly recommend Drift Lee. In fact, I have already. Thank you Drift."

                     Sylvia - Melbourne 

"On my first meeting with Drift, I was full of nerves and wasn't sure what to expect. As soon as she opened the door her aura was so incredible, I was immediately filled with happiness and excitement. The reading was so accurate I had goose bumps, I left feeling as though a weight had been lifted. So many questions answered. I couldn't recommend Drift's beautiful services anymore and I can't wait for the day I see her again! Thank you Drift."

            Brodie - Melbourne

"From the moment I walked into the presence of Drift, her energy was so incredibly open and welcoming that my mind and body was put straight to ease and ready to take the surroundings and session in. Each second with her was worth cherishing and I am so incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with her. Her accuracy and guiding words will stay with me each day and I know where I will find myself if ever I need guidance or questions answered."

                      Alice - Melbourne 


"Drift is honestly the best of the best! I have been to different psychics over the years and Drift is by far the most detailed and accurate. I received a reading 3 years ago and everything Drift told me during the session came true over the years. Fast forward 3 years to 2020 and I decided to book in and as always, Drift did not disappoint. Unlike many "psychics", Drift doesn't ask questions and was able to pick up on all past, present and future insights straight away. Thank you Drift for giving me clarity and for the amazing reading. Highly recommend."

                                   Jess - Melbourne 

"As a friend who I've known as a great reader, but I never asked for one. She once came up to me and shared beautiful messages from my father and auntie who passed away and I didn't expect that. Accurate information that has never been told to anyone, was surprisingly brought to me. I was thrilled! I have been visited by them through my dreams, but wasn't very clear until Drift helped me. I can't thank her enough with that lovely conversation we had and guidance which is exactly what I needed to hear."

                Elizabeth - Melbourne

"I was told about Drift by a friend. I was told she was incredibly accurate, nothing though could have prepared me for just how accurate Drift was. On the spot with so many areas of my life, personal items that just blew my mind that she knew. The reading was a great experience, it was very calming and eye opening for me."

      Alex - Melbourne 


"Drift you read for me a few years ago and everything you told me has come into fruition."
          Alice - Melbourne 


"Last year on a cruise, the strong presence of this beautiful Goddess, Drift Lee was shining brightly and we "happened" to meet at the airport afterwards. We chatted a little about trivialities and I discovered she was a Medium. We swapped cards and havn't really had conversations since. Just yesterday Drift did an email reading for me. Now after having had some very hit and miss readings about deceased loved ones in the past, I was dubious, however, I am so awed at the pinpoint accuracy, down to names, colour of the car, exact objects and things unknown to others that are occuring at the moment. Just fabulous."

                      Ella - Byron Bay


"Hey Drift. Just wanted to let you know that we put an offer on a house a couple days after our reading & it settled just today, all so super quick, just as you predicted. Honestly couldn't see it happening at the time, I am blown away, thought i'd just let you know. Thank you so much again, honestly was the most accurate reading i've ever had."


"You have an incredible gift, you really do. Thank you so much for giving me a reading. You have incredible insight, and I just think how?! what?! where?! etc. I think the only thing I can come up with is that you area special lady with a true gift."

"I first had a reading with Drift 5 years ago. She told me she saw something about me and my life which I thought was so wrong, as I had never even thought about what she had said. However, 2 years later the exact thing she had predicted came into my life and it is still the same way today. I therefore sought out Drift to have another reading recently. She again was so very accurate about how things were for me now, however she also told me to let something go. I found that very difficult to hear, but as I trusted her completely, I followed her advice, have managed to let go and am in a peaceful place for the first time in a long time. Drift has a wonderful connection to the spiritual realm and I also felt a strong connection during and after my reading with her. I would recommend anyone to consult Drift for a reading for clarity and comfort and a connection to the spiritual realm."

                        Sharron - Melbourne 

"Hey Drift, I just had to tell you that so much of what you said is coming true! It's so crazy I almost can't believe it. Even the most specific things. You're amazing." 


"I have been to different psychics over the years and Drift is by far the most detailed and accurate. I received a reading three years ago and everything that Drift told me during the session has come true over the years."
      Jess - Melbourne 

"I've had two readings with you and your accuracy has astounded me. On my first reading you told me certain things about my future prospects at my work that I thought were impossible. I had my doubts about you, however everything you told me has come to fruition."  
                                  Adam - Melbourne 

"Drift I had the pleasure of seeing you many many years ago. It was truly an awakening experience, I have never since forgotten. Everything you told me has come into fruition."
                          Alice - Melbourne

"Wow! Drift what a gift you have bestowed from above! I can honestly say if anyone is in search for an open, honest & accurate reading, then look no further than Drift! I'm so thankful to of had the pleasure to of met you and experienced your gift. Listening to you was as if you were living my dream! Will definitely be back."

             Trevor - Melbourne 

"Drift gave me an amazing experience. She was extremely accurate with all she shared, in all aspects of my life. Her warmth and kindness made me feel very comfortable. She gave me a sense of clarity and comfort with the information given. I highly recommend her and commend her on her gifts. I feel very lucky to have been able to have this experience. She had a positive impact on me and my family." 

                                Karen - Melbourne

"Drift everything you told me is happening, you are amazing." 
             Linda - Melbourne 

"Looking at Drift's photo, made me just have to book an appointment with her. When she opened the door, until the end of the reading, her aura just left me speechless. I felt very welcomed by a loving, warm, beautiful, spiritual being, with a genuine desire to help guide you on the right path to success. The messages and answers I was seeking, she delivered with a lot of clarity and with detailed accuracy. She picked up on my struggles, personality, interests, family life & future plans, like she was reading my mind! I left feeling peaceful with the messages she gave me and a sense of direction on which path to take. Being in Drift's presence is unlike other psychics."                              

                                 Nadia - Melbourne 

"Thank you for my reading today, as it confirmed you are the real deal with all you picked up on myself and my family. You mentioned my daughter will struggle with something in 2 weeks and will need support. I think you may have said it could relate to school. She has just told me this minute she has broken up with her boyfriend of one year and is quite upset as expected. I think you were spot on as this was obviously coming and not a decision made just now. So, thank you dearly from my heart for your amazing reading today."

                  Sloane - Melbourne 

"I had to email you to let you know the craziest thing that has happened. Something you said to me in the reading which confused me a little and I couldn't quite resonate with, has become completely clear to me and I almost dropped to the floor when it did of shock! I am beyond grateful to have seen you and had you speak the words you did. Thank you again."

                         Alice - Melbourne 



"When I arrived, Drift was very welcoming and open to me. All my hesitations soon subsided when we began. Notwithstanding that I didn't give any prior information, she was remarkably accurate on what she told me. She gave me huge peace of mind and reassurance that things are OK. I 100% recommend her services."

                    Adolfo - Melbourne 

"Drift was recommended to me by a friend. Her reading was accurate and done with great sensitivity. She required no information prior & characterized myself and elements of my life with amazing precision. She is a beautiful person, inside & out and possesses an extraordinary gift. I would recommend her to anyone. I left feeling uplifted & energized by her insight and positive energy. Thank you Drift." 

                         Nicky - Melbourne 


"I had a mediumship reading today. Thank you so much for giving me the guidance and clarity I needed. It was 100% accurate & gave me the answers I was looking for. I'm so grateful to have met you and having the opportunity to have a reading with you. You're absolutely amazing, highly recommend Drift Lee."
         Peter - Melbourne 

"Was fortunate enough to receive a mediumship reading from Drift and was astounded at how accurate and detailed her reading was in regards to my life and of the people close to my heart that had passed. Drift has an amazing energy that puts you at ease at the start and provides you with a real calmness throughout. Her reading was one of the best things I have done, an unbelievable human being and an unbelievable experience."

"Remarkable, thats all I can say after having had a number of sessions with Drift over the past 3 years. Her insight, understanding and accuracy has simply been remarkable."
          Toby - Melbourne 

"When i first met Drift, she immediately made me feel very welcome and I just had this amazing energy radiating from her. Drift honestly did give me goose bumps more than once with her reading!

She was just spot on with my personal life. I would definitely love to go and see her again and recommend her to anyone. Drift is very unique and has an amazing talent." 

                   Mel - Melbourne

"My son had passed a couple of months ago and I went to see Drift. Her very gentle and loving approach made me feel very comfortable and safe. She told me things about my son for which I am very grateful for. The detail of events she described were amazing. I left knowing my son will always be with me in spirit and I could have a beautiful connection with him. Thank you Drift."

                     Cristina - Melbourne 


"I find Drift Lee to be a very intuitive medium. She is so genuine, in that there was no asking of questions. Drift just knew, about my life's focus, details about my past and possible outcomes regarding the future I had been contemplating. Drift said to me several times not to tell her anything. She could just see things and then would proceed to tell me. When speaking about my late father, Drift asked me if he was fond of horses. I actually didn't know but as I drove home from my reading, I saw three horses on the side of the road and I live in the city! Drift was very generous with her time and assisted me in reconnecting with spirit. I highly recommend a consultation with her."

                                Robert - Melbourne 



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