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What is a space clearing?

A space clearing is the act of cleansing and purifying a space (energetically). As we go about our daily lives, we are constantly being exposed to energy. As we interact with people we start to attract and absorb energy, which later then becomes attached to our auric field. We are usually not aware or conscious as this takes place and the effect it can have on our well being. Over a period of time the energy in your home can become stagnant, blocked and even quite disrupted, due to the energy that we bring in from external environments. 


We are always being cautious not to bring our muddy shoes inside, as it can create a great big mess. It is just as vital to keep our home clean and clear of murky vibrations or "muddy energy" so to speak.


How will I know if my space needs clearing?

Some of the following signs and symptoms are generally good indicators if a space needs clearing:

Feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, heaviness and even fear. Also feeling unclear, mentally drained, and creatively blocked.


Having a space clearing  will assist and help to create more abundance, peace, prosperity, harmony, creative flow, balance and love. It can also help to sell a home or business by shifting any stagnant energy and filling it with a vibration that is aligned with opportunity, abundance and change. A clearing can also bring protection, peace and love to a new home, by setting an energetic intention.


What is involed?

Drift will first spend some time walking around and connecting with your space. After her assessment she will begin by burning some resin (incense). She will then proceed by evoking, harnessing  and anchoring energy into the space. This new energy will then move around and start to clear, cleanse & transmute the existing energy in your home, allowing a more balanced, harmonious & loving energy to flow and be present.


After the clearing, Drift will sit down with you and give a thorough and detailed report on the clearing and discuss with you some of the concerns of the previous energy. She will also provide you with the tools and guidance to properly and successfully intergrate and maintain the new energy in your space.


© 2021 

Drift Lee

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